Volunteer Code of Conduct

All volunteers for Friendship Circle are expected to agree to this code of behaviour for the time that they are in their roles at Friendship Circle and engaging with the participants. Failure to do will be taken extremely seriously and will be dealt with by our Director of Services.

  1. Volunteers are expected to show respect for all staff, participants, families and other volunteers with whom they may come into contact at Friendship Circle.
  2. Friendship Circle is proud to welcome Jewish volunteers irrespective of their religious affiliation. Notwithstanding personal views or observance all Friendship Circle activities adhere to the laws of Shabbat and Kashrut. No buying of any food not supervised by Kosher Australia is allowed when out as part of Friendship Circle.
  3. Bullying of any form towards anyone will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal
  4. Volunteers engaged in home visitation must remember to respect the wishes of the family they are visiting and to behave appropriately at all times whilst in someone else’s home
  5. Volunteers are asked to show as much flexibility as possible if asked to help out at events they do not usually attend. Our families’ lives can be unpredictable and therefore we may only know last minute what we require.
  6. Volunteers are expected to arrive in a timely manner for the role to which they have committed and to give at least 24 hours notice to the volunteer coordinator if they are unable to attend. If volunteers regularly are let us down at the last minute, they will be asked to stop volunteering.
  7. Any form of alcohol, cigarette or illegal drug consumption is BANNED at Friendship Circle and will result in dismissal.
  8. When at Friendship Circle, we require your focus at all times to be on the participant you are working with. For this reason, mobile phones MAY NOT be used during the time you are volunteering with the exception of calling the person in charge or an appropriate person for help.
  9. Due to the confidentiality that surrounds your work with friendship circle and the legal guidelines we are bound by, no photos of children are to be kept on your phone. If you have photos of children which have been taken at a friendship circle event, these are not allowed to be shown to anybody or to be put online and need to be sent to friendship circle.
  10. The role of a home visitation volunteer is to be a friend for the participant that you are working with. Therefore, you are not allowed to be involved in any care procedures or home help. This includes bathing, cleaning, nappy changing, tube feeding or giving medication. If you are unsure if something you have been asked to do constitutes this, please speak to the director of services.
  11. All volunteers over 18 are required to have a working with children check. We will need a copy of this before you start work.
  12. All volunteers will be required to attend training within their role as well as training sessions specific to the role that they are carrying out.Training will include safeguarding, roles and responsibilities of volunteers and information about the conditions of Friendship Circle participants.
  13. Friendship Circle as an organisation is committed to protecting all of the participants of our programmes as well as all of our volunteers. Therefore, within your role as a volunteer you are required to inform the director of services about anything you observe that may concern you. By doing this you are helping Friendship Circle fulfil its obligations with regard to safeguarding.
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Information for Parents and Carers

Friendship Circle provides families with a supportive community that gives you the opportunity to form real friendships within a non-judgmental environment.

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