Executive Director - Mordy Engel

Director of Familes - Ariella Lew

Director of Services - Daniel Sher

Head of Sunday Cirlce & Head of Recruitment - Emily Matich

Program Writer & Deputy of Sunday Circle - Kayla Serebro

Volunteer Coordinator - Ashira Chait

Volunteer Coordinator & Head of Boyzone - Jamie Samuels

Head of Girl's Space - Yardena Franck

Head of Sibling's Square - Simmy Zeimer

Head of Community Engagment - Mikey Lazar

Head of Marketing, Social Media and Design - Jade Lowe

Head of Grant Application - Tarryn Milner

Information for Parents and Carers

Friendship Circle provides families with a supportive community that gives you the opportunity to form real friendships within a non-judgmental environment.

Make a Donation

The Australian Friendship Circle Inc is supported by the generosity of corporate sponsors and private individuals alike. You can help: www.donate4kids.org.au