At Friendship Circle we strive to build connections between people and work on forming relationships that last far beyond one program.

We run weekly programs for participants with special needs, their siblings and their families, in order to ensure that whoever is a part of the Friendship Circle family, truly feels that they belong.

The aim of this campaign is to provide children and young adults with special needs, as well as their siblings with an opportunity to fell that connection and belonging during these uncertain times. By providing a toy for someone, it’s not only the physical act of receiving that puts a smile on people’s faces, but knowing that there is someone out there looking out for them that truly embodies what Friendship Circle is all about.

You can select a range of prices and toys that will be hand delivered to each participant at Friendship Circle. The options range from Arts + Crafts, to outdoor toys, all the way to specific Sensory Toys to cater for each individual’s needs.

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Information for Parents and Carers

Friendship Circle provides families with a supportive community that gives you the opportunity to form real friendships within a non-judgmental environment.

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The Australian Friendship Circle Inc is supported by the generosity of corporate sponsors and private individuals alike. You can help: